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A Soul, otherwise known as one's Yoki (精神, lit "Spirit") is the spiritual construct found in all living beings or organisms. To this day, the existence of the soul remains a mystifying conundrum to even the best and brightest of the world. Through one's soul, an organism is able to perform many feats - most notably in the application of Ninjutsu, or Mana-based techniques. Given the grave importance, a soul is often the source of much focus, and is still observed and experimented on to this very day.

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Empty event section warning! I'll be adding to this whenever I actually run an event!

This will be where 'plot' events, ran by higher-ranked DMs will be noted! I don't intend for these to occur often, but I know that events can often help RP! So expect to see them in spurts.

See also: BLANK and BLANK
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'Update #1: T.B.A'

This will be where I post the occasional update, with illustrations for you all to take pleasure in viewing! Hopefully this helps gain some traction. I'll try to be more speedy with my development.

There isn't anything to enjoy yet, folks! I'll be sure to fill this with content as the day goes on! :)
See also: Update #2
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The Infinite Magic is unleashed!
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You have a duty to make humans happy. There are people you need to stay alive to protect.

Ichiya to Jellal in "Savage Dragon Fire"

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Did You Know...
  • ...that Laxus was completely aware that Mystogan was the Jellal from Edolas?
  • ...that Invel's name is actually recycled from the list of possible names for Zeref from the Tenrou Island arc?
  • ...that Natsu's clothes are special-made by a tailor in Magnolia to be fire-proof?
  • ...that Jacob Lessio was inspired by English actor Jason Statham?
  • ...that after Erza's introduction everything about her was made along with the flow of the story?

A new arc and, of course, a new team of antagonists to rock Fiore and test our Fairy Tail protagonists. Our poll this time asks you the following: who is your favourite member of the Spriggan 12 so far?? Template:Poll

Poll Results

You must all have a lot of free time huh, watching all that anime. We asked you what you like to do in your free time in our last poll, and here're the answers you gave:

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1 Watching some FT anime, duh? 1136 44.97%
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3 Following latest FT chapters, like a real man! 467 18.49%
4 Avidly following everything FT-related!! 192 7.60%
5 Other 141 5.58%
6 Doing some Fairy Tail fanart....because art is awesome! 41 1.62%
7 Cycling, jogging, recreation 32 1.27%
8 Purchasing some Fairy Tail merchandise 9 0.36%
9 Taking part in cool cosplays 8 0.32%

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